Reading Group Schedule

The current schedule for the Neural Network reading group is

Date Name Room
2021-03-31 Mark Beaumont ZOOM
2021-04-07 Anthony Lee ZOOM
2021-04-14 Chang Zhang ZOOM
2021-04-21 Song Liu ZOOM
2021-04-28 Mauro Camara Escudero ZOOM
2021-05-05 Mingxuan Yi ZOOM
2021-05-12 Andi Wang ZOOM
2021-05-19 Patrick Rubin-Delanchy ZOOM
2021-05-26 Robert Allison ZOOM
2021-06-02 Christophe Andrieu ZOOM
2021-06-09 Sam Tickle ZOOM
2021-06-16 Henry Reeve ZOOM
2021-06-23 Sam Power ZOOM
2021-06-30 Pierre-Aurelien Gilliot ZOOM
2021-07-07 Daniel Lawson ZOOM